Sustainability Policy

Environmentally Responsible Luxury

We believe that luxury shouldn’t cost the Earth. Minimising our environmental impact is at the heart of everything we do.

Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X

Our Teslas are fully electric vehicles. You can breathe easy knowing that the vehicles have zero emissions.

Renewable Energy

We ensure that our electricity is from renewable sources. Our vehicle is charged overnight using electricity generated from renewable energy.

It’s in the detail

Our website is hosted on servers powered by renewable sources. We only use recycled and recyclable materials for our printed resources.

Complimentary Water

Our complimentary water is always in glass bottles and all are recycled correctly.


Our cars are cleaned with the most environmentally products available where possible and rubbish is disposed of in recycling bins as appropriate.


We work with a number of companies that share our values, either by minimising their impact on the environment or encouraging their client to travel in a more sustainable way.

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